A desk for the campus monitor sits empty in the commons. Administration hopes to have the position filled no later then second semester.
A desk for the campus monitor sits empty in the commons. Administration hopes to have the position filled no later then second semester.
Kitarrah Mangra-Dutcher

Administration again plans to add campus monitor

In the interest of efficiency and security, administration will be bringing a campus monitor back to the high school. This change is in lieu of the security guard hired last year. In addition, students are also asked to help with the security measures.

During the 2015-2016 school year, Per Mar Security was in charge of making sure the entrances to the high school were monitored. “When you hire a Per Mar Security system they are just doing security,” assistant principal Jerry Stratton said. “A campus monitor can do so much more.”

Stratton believes that a campus monitor could be more effective and useful. “We were looking for a campus monitor who can do more things [than a security guard], someone that can interact in more personal ways,” Stratton said. These types of tasks would be pulling students out of class, working the phone system and enforcing parking. Stratton believes that having someone do all of this would be a better use of money than just having Per Mar. 

Student resource officer James Slack also agrees that a campus monitor could be beneficial. “Having an extra set of eyes gives us more information and can help us fit the puzzle pieces together in a situation,” Slack said. He would also point out that just because there is a campus monitor, his work load does not change, it just allows a better level of security.

Slack also believes that students can also help with security. During the class meetings at the beginning of the year, Slack asked students to not open doors for people. However he has not seen much improvement. “Doors aren’t being closed and students aren’t listening,” Slack said. He also mentioned that when caught, school consequences will be imposed. 

Until a campus monitor is hired, various people are pitching in to do the things that still need to be done. Stratton said that issues like parking enforcement are being addressed and tickets are being issued. This is not their ideal solution. “This is only temporary until the campus monitor position is filled,” Stratton said.     

There is no set date to when to expect a new campus monitor however Stratton hopes to have the position filled by the start of second semester.

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