“Animal Crossing Pocket Camp,” simple, but fun


Photo provided by nintendo.co.uk

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

Since 2001, Animal Crossing has been popular for cute and simple designs and gameplay, befriending animals and completing tasks.

The most recent installment of the series is Pocket Camp, for iOS and Android devices.

Users play as their own character, who is the new manager of a campsite, bringing as many animals as possible to hang out at their campsite.

Starting out, inviting animals is a simple process of completing the requests granted to them by; fishing and gathering fruit and shells, raising your friendship level with them, and collecting furniture that will make them feel more at home.

Over time, however, friendship levels need to be higher before inviting new animals, and furniture becomes more expensive and takes longer to make.

Although the gameplay is simple, just traveling from island to island gathering materials, the game has become highly addictive for me, wanting to connect with as many of my friends as possible within the game.

The main issues for the game, in my opinion, is the lack of space within your camp and have a wait time between requests.

The main goal is to complete as many requests as possible, but once they’ve all been completed a Request Card is needed to do more, which is understandable, but if completed right away there’s a three-hour wait for that character to have a new set of tasks.

Then comes the space of the camp. I hope that in future updates players will be able to expand because over time a lot of furniture is accumulated, but the set amount of space makes it hard to have all of your favorite objects out at once.

Although when new animals come there’s the option to place all of their furniture they like and put it away right after almost instantly, placing all of the best objects simply isn’t possible and often isn’t seen within the player’s camper.

Overall the game is very easy, and doesn’t require a lot of effort, the game is still fun and captivating, despite some issues, giving it thee and a half out of five stars.