The Black & White

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Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer February 26, 2018

Since his debut in Arizona on Rich Brian's Amen, I've anxiously waited for his first solo work. Luckily, the wait wasn't long, as his first single, Funeral, was dropped on February 7th, just 5 days...

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Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer February 2, 2018

18 features up and coming artists Kris Wu, Rich Brian (formerly known as Rich Chigga), Joji, and Trippie Redd, who all sing about their sudden rises of fame through their music, produced by Baauer, the...

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Fields of Agony

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer December 15, 2017

Though released in 1995, No Use for a Name's Fields of Agony, in my opinion, is as relevant today as it was over 20 years ago. Though it was likely written in response to the U.S.'s involvement with...

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“Golden Time,” a cute story that will tug at your heart strings

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer December 13, 2017

Recently, while scrolling through various social media platforms, I came across an article of some of the hidden gems on Netflix. A lot of the movies and shows were hit and miss, but one of my favorites...

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“Howard the Duck,” ridiculously funny, or just ridiculous?

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer December 10, 2017

The year was 1986, and with the end of the original Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas apparently needed something to fill his time. And for some reason, Howard the Duck seemed the most appealing at the...

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“Animal Crossing Pocket Camp,” simple, but fun

Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer December 8, 2017

Since 2001, Animal Crossing has been popular for cute and simple designs and gameplay, befriending animals and completing tasks. The most recent installment of the series is Pocket Camp, for iOS and...

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