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In lieu of expulsion

In lieu of expulsion

Jacob Chapline, Staff Writer

December 1, 2017

Once in a while word goes around that a student has been expelled from school. Technically speaking, most students are not kicked out. Some of them experience what is called transferred in lieu of expulsion.  This means that rather than expelling the student, the school and the student come to an agreement...

No such thing as ‘the library policy’

Noah Ruchti '18 is reading a book in an otherwise empty library. There is an efficient setup for the seating arrangements so that students in the library won't disrupt the classes that might be happening.

Jacob Chapline and Shabana Gupta

September 25, 2017

Students have the misconception that they aren’t allowed in the library for free periods or study halls. Student Katelyn Winkler '19 wasn't sure where she had heard of the policy. " I just heard it through the grape vine," she said. This has recently been disproved by Ryan Woods sending an email out to ...