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This is an acai bowl from Big Acai. It has the acai base and is topped with granola, peanut butter, banana and mixed berries. Customers have the ability to choose what kind of base and toppings they want in their bowl.

Big Acai: A Must Try

Kylie Emery, Online Editor March 29, 2021

Big Acai is a local restaurant that has an extensive menu depending on which location one visits. Items on the menu include smoothies, burritos, avocado toasts, salads, soups, espresso, hot chocolates...

“How to Get Away With Murder”- A Clever, Thrilling Must-See

Kylie Emery, Online Editor March 3, 2021

Clever, twisted and captivating. If I were to describe Shonda Rhimes' "How to Get Away With Murder" in three words, those would be the ones I would choose. "How to Get Away With Murder" is a suspenseful...

Last Minute Overachieving

Last Minute Overachieving

Kylie Emery, Online Editor December 11, 2020

Students struggle with a variety of things, however a constant struggle that has survived over ages is the idea of perfectionism and procrastination. Perfectionism is something that many people have...

The German Blue Ram Cichlid is native to Venezuela and Columbia.

‘Fishy’ Business

Kylie Emery, Online Editor October 1, 2020

When buying a fish from a local pet store, one may be overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful choices. One might not realize that some of these fish were bred by a fellow student. For Justin Vis '22,...

A Letter to the Editor

Drew Jauron, Guest Writer February 5, 2020

A letter I wrote to Politico's Tom Alberta regarding his article, "The Death of Iowa" Dear Editor, As you know, yesterday was the Iowa caucuses and me, being a 17 year old Iowan who turns 18 before...

Jack Marren '22 poses for a photo next to his piece that won the t-shirt design contest at the art show at Mainframe Studios on Sep. 6. Underneath the artwork is a statement that he wrote about why he loves this type of art.

Art Against the Odds

Kylie Emery, Online Editor October 9, 2019

Jack Marren '22 has three words that will forever be important to him. “I always have and always will live by the words dream, dare and do because I always have and always will live by dreaming, daring...

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