The Black & White

“Trade Hattress 2”: The world’s leading war-themed hat simulator

The TF2 team, from left to right: Pyro, engineer, spy, heavy, sniper, scout, soldier, demo man, and medic.

Aaron Gray, Staff Writer

December 17, 2013

Why does war have to be so serious? Why do video games about them always seem to focus on the gritty, somber fight for survival part of it? The market is full of games where you save the world from impending nuclear war, are forced into desperate situations where atrocious acts must be committed, or...

Socializing: an evolving form of interaction

Aaron Gray, Staff Writer

December 16, 2013

The art of socializing has been around as long as humans. Actually, scratch that; its been around since long before that, before we even hit the monkey stages of our evolution (sorry, theists). The interaction between two or more people as a means of communication predates any form of ancient history,...

Slow down and relax: emerging scene of “pop in/pop out” games offers casual approach

Aaron Gray, Staff Writer

December 11, 2013

With the recent release of such games as "Call of Duty: Ghosts" or "Grand Theft Auto V," many gamers have probably been getting pretty chummy with their couches and gaming system of choice as of late. Those same people can probably attest to the hours at a time they have played such games in the past,...

Library showcases author picks

The library board on the southwest wall of the LMC. The board goes through a change about once every 6 weeks. This board features James Dashner, author of books such as The Death Order and The Maze Runner.

Aaron Gray, Staff Writer

December 6, 2013

Most students have probably noticed the colorfully decorated board on the southwest wall of the LMC, but aside from a passing glance have probably paid it little attention. What it represents, however, goes back nearly a decade in the media center's history. "It started eight years ago when we had...

Yume Nikki offers a unique storytelling experience for the patient

This area is the annex of the girl's dreams, and each room leads to a different area of her psyche. As the player moves throughout these worlds, they quickly prove themselves to be nightmarish landscapes filled with all manner of random creatures and areas. And it won't take long for you to start to see why this game is so scary.

Aaron Gray, Staff Writer

December 5, 2013

Yume Nikki is an odd game, to say the least. Players start the game with arbitrary directions that basically tell them to go to sleep and collect "effects" before being plopped unceremoniously into the game world, controlling a solitary young child as she moves between a sparse two-room area. You have...

DOTA 2 expands upon the “MOBA” scene

The DOTA 2 logo. The game can be found for free by browsing the store at

Aaron Gray, Staff writer

November 6, 2013

DOTA 2, or Defense Of The Ancients, the sequel to the most popular video game modification of all time, has recently been released to the public after a long time in the cocoon of development that its publisher, Valve, has kept it in. Boasting an average daily player count of over 500,000 people (whic...