The Black & White

A student stressing out from having a lot of work to do.

Problems with Time Management

Ashley Marsh, Staff Writer May 21, 2019

Many teachers, such as AP Psychology teacher Jesse Dowell, have noticed students being involved in several activities, and at times struggling to turn their assignments in on time. This problem with turning...

Students wait in line to get pasta from the pasta bar.

Pasta Days

Ashley Marsh, Staff Writer April 30, 2019

Many students, such as Kate McAllister '21, walk into the cafeteria on Tuesdays excited to finally be able to get pasta from the pasta bar. However, recently the number of pasta days have started to lessen...

Pumpkin Spice Reviews

Pumpkin Spice Reviews

Ashley Marsh, Staff Writer November 12, 2018

It seems to be a trend in fall 2018 to make everything pumpkin spice flavored. Walking through the aisles in HyVee I saw everything from pumpkin spice cupcakes to pumpkin spice yogurt. I grabbed ten pumpkin...

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