The Black & White

Miyabi 9 vs Akibono 515

The first resturant Miyabi 9 had a delightful selection of food. The food ordered from left to right. Miso soup, Salad, Agedashi Tofu (tofu covered in a light breading), and Katsu Curry (A pork cutlet served with curry and rice)

Nathan Metzger, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

One thing that has always interested me is Japanese cuisine. It has a way of utilizing just about anything they can get their hands-on and it is interesting to see how the cuisine of one of the largest island countries changes when it is brought to a country that has much more access to more diverse...

Quest for the Future

Collin Minear playing VR while having some downtime during show choir practice.

Nathan Metzger, Staff Writer

February 5, 2020

Since 2012, virtual reality has struggled to get a solid grasp. From the high cost for point of entry, to the issues with motion sickness. Many have said that it is dead, but in May of 2019, Oculus, on of the leading companies in VR technology, finally found the sweet spot to open the platform to many...

Starbucks is a Waste of Time and Money

A freshly brewed mug of coffee in the morning.

Nathan Metzger, Staff Writer

January 31, 2020

Starbucks is overrated. Why do people want to spend so much money on, at most, mediocre coffee when buying and brewing a coffee at home costs a lot less? The coffee can be brewed to fit any taste. I find it to be a waste of time to have to get dressed, find my wallet, sit through traffic, and a line in ...

Marketing Black Hole: How Fortnite Reclaimed the Internet’s Attention

Marketing Black Hole: How Fortnite Reclaimed the Internet's Attention

Nathan Metzger, Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

On October 13th, a game that was thought to be dead clawed itself six feet up from its grave. Fortnite was deleted. Or so it seems, from all the joke tweets to the actual event, many people either thought there was a huge change coming, or Epic Games was packing up shop and closing their largest game....

Theodore Westhues

Theodore Westhues going out of his way to make sure students get the help that they need in class.

Nathan Metzger, Staff Writer

October 21, 2019

Theodore Westhues came to Johnston from teaching at Ottumwa for the past two years. Westhues, a new chemistry and Forensic Science teacher has joined the district.  “Something that drew me to Johnston was because of the great reputation in the state and among the nation,” Westhues said. It boost...

Erik Dominguez

Erik Dominguez presenting about how everyone's differences make them unique and important to society.

Nathan Metzger, Staff Writer

October 21, 2019

Erik Dominguez is a new teacher who has recently arrived at Johnston. “As soon as I arrived, and even before so, even I had connections here,” Dominguez said. “Johnston has a long reputation of high standards and excellence which was a major factor." Though Dominguez may be a new teacher to the...