The Black & White

Strangers misjudge large families

Today's society has caused this misjudgment. In the early 1900's and before that it was normal for families to have six to nine children.

Kaylee Ross, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

Everything is so clear, almost as if it happened yesterday. I was very young, around nine years old. My mom, four sisters, and I were waiting for a stall in a public restroom. An older women walked in, and with eyebrows raised asked, “Are they all yours?” My mom went on to tell her that we were all ...

Suffering through sick days

Going to school sick, is something many students face to keep up with grades and classes.

Kaylee Ross, Staff Writer

April 17, 2019

Going to school sick is something many students face in order to keep up with grades and classes. Either parents tell them they have to go and push through the day or there may be an important upcoming test. Although grades are the main priority it is important to get rest in order for that nasty cough...

Fall Fashion 2018

Kaylee Ross, staff writer

November 20, 2018