The Black & White

Strict standards are not body-shaming

Junior Haley Toepfer lays down to relax and tan by the pool on a hot summer day in July. This picture signifies the body type the modeling industry looks for most.
December 17, 2015

I am a local fashion photographer and I have lately been looking for ways to better my photography. I ended up narrowing it down to a couple major things. Better light, a better space for pictures and...

Chicken: 30

Chicken: 30
October 13, 2015

The Coathangers "Chicken: 30:" from the album "Larceny & Old Lace" is a song for any time you are looking to get up and get a good start to the day. The instrumental is very up beat and will keep you...

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral
October 7, 2015

From the early 70s band Black Sabbath, a Classic ripped jeans band t-shirts and converse wearing type of song. This one is for anyone who is into artist like Jimi Hendrix, Pantera, and even Tyler the Creator....

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