The Black & White

Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie.

All emotion is lost in new “Carrie” adaptation

Evan Trainer, Staff Writer November 4, 2013

Hollywood has made so many Stephen King adaptations that they have gone back to readapt his first published book . . . for the third time. King’s “Carrie” was adapted for the first time in 1976,...

“Gravity” is the most compelling film of the year

Evan Trainer, Staff Writer October 9, 2013

From Gravity’s opening shot, which lasts over 15 minutes, I was blown away. The film follows two astronauts who were working on their space station when debris from a destroyed satellite comes flying...

Students throw powder at homecoming game. The students planned to throw purple powder, but administration took most of the powder away.

Purple powder taken away at homecoming game

Evan Trainer, Staff Writer October 4, 2013

During the homecoming game students planned to throw purple powder when the football team went onto the field, but before that could happen administrators confiscated the powder from many students. "After...

“Insidious Chapter 2” fails to live up to original

Evan Trainer, Staff writer September 20, 2013

Australian filmmaking duo James Wan and Leigh Whannell return with their fourth collaboration, which, unfortunately for us, is not their greatest work. Opening two years after it’s predecessor, “Insidious...

“Chronicles of Riddick” Review

Evan Trainer, Staff writer September 10, 2013

Opening in the end trails of the summer blockbuster season is the long lost sequel to 2004's "Chronicles of Riddick," confusingly titled Riddick. Not being a fan of Vin Diesel or the Riddick franchise,...

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