Purple powder taken away at homecoming game


Laura Schwartz

Students throw powder at homecoming game. The students planned to throw purple powder, but administration took most of the powder away.

Evan Trainer, Staff Writer

During the homecoming game students planned to throw purple powder when the football team went onto the field, but before that could happen administrators confiscated the powder from many students.

“After the game last year when walking through the bleachers they were really slick with the powder on it,” Principal Brent Riessen said. “It would open up liability issues if anybody were to slip and fall or trip.”

The powder would also disrupt other attendants’ experience.

“On Friday night we had a wind out of the south that was going to blow the powder back onto all the fans sitting in the stadium,” Riessen said. “We didn’t think it was an appropriate thing to do to essentially throw powder on hundreds of spectators.”

Some students opposed to the taking away of the powder. Students who still threw up powder at the game were forced to leave.

“They could be doing worse things than throwing powder at the game,” senior Madeline Miller said. “The parents knew we were throwing it, they can stand over by the concessions if they don’t want it on them, it’s only for one game.”

Although Riessen disapproves of the powder, he encourages students to show their spirit in different ways.

“This year there was the flag being run back and forth, that came from the kids,” Riessen said. “We’re going to make sure it’s within the rules, doesn’t disrupt the game for other people that are coming. We’re all about kids having fun, and supporting the kids on the field, and all those kinds of things so if there’s ideas come talk to us.”