Beaver Creek brings baked goods

Beaver Creek brings baked goods

As sophomore Cora Jensen waits in the a la carte line with her friends to get some cookies, she does not know that one person is the one who makes the famous chocolate chip cookies that everyone loves. When Jensen found out that Vicki Brom is the lady behind the cookies, she was shocked. “Well she does a pretty good job,” Jensen said.

Brom starts her morning at 5:45 a.m. and makes all of the bakery items from scratch. With the help of Stuart Mauseth, Brom makes all of the bakery goods for the schools in the district. Brom and Mauseth have been doing this for 20 years. “I used to work at the old middle school, and once Beaver Creek was open, I went and worked there,” Brom said.

All the food at the Beaver Creek Bakery is homemade and made with 51% wheat. Brom gets the menus for each school at the beginning of every month and makes a worksheet out of them so she can organize what goes where. The food follows the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.

The most well known item sent out to the schools are the chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are served on Tuesdays and Thursdays in a la carte.

The high school gets a good amount of goods from the bakery. “We get the chocolate chip cookies that are served Tuesdays and Thursdays, bread sticks, and any form of holiday cookies,” kitchen manager Boe Stoebner said.

   The high school gets food from Beaver Creek because they are set up for the baking. They have all the right equipment, and are able to transport the food out. “We would be able to handle that here at the high school, we just don’t have the equipment,” Stoebner said.

The bakery also caters for events like banquets. They cater out cookies and even dinners.


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