Beguhn answers Silver Cord questions

Students always have questions about the Silver Cord program. Silver Cord coordinator Chris Beguhn answered a few in her interview with the “Black and White.” “We’re trying to get students to make volunteering a way of life,” Beguhn said.
Q: Why is silver cord not offered for freshman or the summer of sophomore year?
A: “Communication. It is challenging to communicate with all the high-school students as it is and even  more challenging to make sure that all freshman get the same message and access to information. Each building handles things differently and it is easier and more consistent to work within only one building. “

Q: What is the total amount of hours required to complete silver cord?

A: “Minimum of 150.”

Q: How many students start silver cord and actually complete it?

A: “From what I can tell in the past two years, about 50% of the students who start it complete it. I think there’s a lot of parents that sign their kids up. Also, I think some students who sign up don’t realize how much they already have on their plate.”

Q: How many students start after sophomore year?

A: “Probably less than 10 try.  I don’t think it is very many because students starting late have a big hurdle to overcome to fulfill the 150 hours.”

Q: Can you still sign up for silver cord this year?

A: “Yes, you can basically sign up anytime throughout high school.  Students just need to have a plan to complete 150 hours.”

Q: Are you able to sign up your junior or senior year?
A: “You can, you just have to complete 150 hours before the April of the year you graduate.
Q: How many hours do you have to complete during the school year?
A: “You have to complete a total of 50 hours between the school year and summer. You must complete at least 25 hours during the school year and can finish the rest of the 50 hours during the summer if needed.
Q: What happens if you don’t meet the hour requirements during the school year or summer?
A: “If you don’t meet the requirements you will be taken out of the program. However, you can re-enroll but, unfortunately, you would have to start the number of your hours all over. Meaning you must complete a new set of 150 hours.”

Q: Are the requirements for the number of hours the same for every for every grade?

A: “If you start your sophomore year then it will be a requirement of at least 25 hours during a school year and the rest of the 50 hours during the summer (if needed) for all three years of high-school.”

Q: What are the requirements if you start your junior or senior year?

A: “If a student is starting later than sophomore year we usually get together and set up a plan because if you need to get about 50 hours during the school year, 50 during the summer, and 50 during your senior year, you need a plan to get all the hours completed.”




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