Bell “mistake” there for a purpose

Jeremy Caracci, Online Editor

Every day 7:55 rolls around and school starts, but also when 7:55 rolls around, two bells go off instead of one. The bell was put in accidentally.

“If I go to the company and ask them to change it, they’re going to send me a bill for $75,” Lois Faley, administrative secretary said.  “Until we have to have the schedule fixed for something else, we’re going to have a double bell.”

Also on Wednesdays there is an extra bell that rings at 11:25. The 11:25 was put in last year because of a group of students that had C lunch but two different teachers for 5th and 6th.

“We didn’t know at the time if the schedule would have to be the same as last year, so we put the bell in,” Faley said. This year the only classes in C lunch are block classes, so there are no kids changing class at that time.

“If I have them out to come fix that bell, it would be a $75 fee as well, but if we come back and need that bell back next year, we would have to pay another $75 fee to have them add it again,” Faley said. “We look to see where we really want to spend $75.”