Boys’ soccer defeats Mason City 18-0

The high school varsity boys’ soccer team defeated Mason City 18-0 on April 30.

Although girls’ soccer has a mercy rule which allows officials to end the game at half time or after when a team is up by 10, boys’ soccer does not follow this rule.

“It was not a good feeling, we didn’t feel good scoring all those goals but at the same time we are at a point in our season where we need to hold ourselves to a higher stander and not ask the players to change their game much for future opponents,” assistant coach Dustin Mead said.

At half time the team was up 10-0 and the coaches pulled all the starters out and gave subs a chance to play.

“The whole second half the game continued to spiral out of control for the opponent,” Mead said.

As the game went on the fans tried to be less enthusiastic about Johnston being up by so many goals.

“It got quieter and quieter each time we scored,” Mead said.

The record for the boys’ team is 12-1 with Cedar Rapids Prairie being its only loss. They are also ranked fourth in the state as of right now.

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