Boys try out for soccer

Courtney Mithelman, Staff Writer

The boys’ soccer tryouts for the spring season were held the week of March 11. Players scrimmaged for the coaches, who observed them as they played. “The four coaches discuss good things that they see out of the players and areas that the players need to improve,” Varsity Assistant Coach Dustin Mead said. “From those discussions we narrow down the group each night after practice. We base our decisions on soccer skill, character, the ability to be a team player and what our team needs are.”

The tryouts lasted for three days throughout the week, but these days are not the only times that the coaches look at the players. “The coaches are constantly communicating and player movement from one team to another happens throughout the season, so just because a player does not make the initial varsity roster does not mean that they will not have another opportunity throughout the season,” Mead said

The coaches are planning on having four teams for the 105 boys trying out for soccer. There will be a 9th grade team, JV-A, JV-B, and Varsity.