BREAKING: French Trip Cancellation


Nolan Akins

The French display in the hallway available for all students to view, that showcases French culture.

Noah Gilbert, Staff Writer

1,412 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in France since January 24, 2020, and France’s Ministry of Education suspend all exchange and school sponsored trips.

20 students and two staff members were planning on going to Normandy, France for twelve days. “The purpose of the trip was the exchange, to be immersed in the language, to experience the culture,” French teacher Tamara Andrews said.  The week before Andrews spoke with her french colleagues involved with the french exchange, who said things were fine. 

Monday March 9, 2020 Andrews got the news that her students would not be able to travel to France. When Andrews was asked about her first reaction her eyes widen “Oh my gosh,” she said.

Chloe Williams ’22 found out at 5 p.m. on March 9 2020.  “I was talking to the guy I was gonna stay with,” Williams said. “And he was like ‘Yeah I don’t know if it’s gonna happen’ and I was like ‘I hope it does’ and then you get an email around 5ish saying it’s not gonna happen. I am just sad and disappointed, because I really wanted to go cause this is kinda one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that you don’t really get very often. So really kinda bummed out right now.”

Students spent around $3000 and many days of planning. Those who were to go do not know if they will get their money back or how much. “She has actually yet to tell us how much money we are getting back, what money we are getting back, so all of our money is still up in the air right now. So it’s 3000 was about the trip, so my family is out 3000, and we don’t know if we are getting it back,” Williams said.  

As of now there is no plan to reschedule the trip, “I am trying to recover and teach my students,” Andrews said.