Burrito the chinchilla passes away

Burrito the chinchilla passes away

One of the baby chinchillas, Burrito, born in teacher Kyla Burns’ room last fall died.

Burns purchased Burrito’s mother, Chubbs, from Craigslist unaware of the fact she was pregnant.

Debra Kleckner, an associate, adopted Burrito.

Burrito had an accident while still a baby that ended up in a leg amputation. The emergency surgery at ISU went well but Burrito died six hours later due to shock.

Kleckner donated $100 to the science room animal fund to thank Burns for letting her adopt.

Later Kleckner and her daughter also adopted the other baby chinchilla and named him Houdini or as a nickname Tubby Tub Tub. Houdini will do amazing tricks for a raisin including riding the family dog like a horse, punching the family dog and jumping from Kleckner’s shoulder to the floor.

Kleckner does not currently bring her chinchilla in as it still has accidents and frequently leaps out of people’s hands but she does foresee Houdini coming to school in the future.



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