“Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” – a story of the indestructable



Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

In 1967, we first heard the voice of the Mysterons, a martian race able to take the form of any person or object. Determined to destroy the human race after being attacked by Captain Black, the Mysterons invade earth, taking over the mind of Captain Scarlet of Spectrum.

The possesed Scarlet then kidnaps the World President, threatening to kill him, when Captain Blue is forced to shoot him, causing him to fall thousands of feet down.

In their mourning, Spectrum acquires the body of Scarlet, only for him to wake up as indestructible, as an effect left from the Mysterons.

Leading the fight against their invaders, Captain Scarlet continually battles the Mysterons with the help of his comrades at Spectrum.

The series is action packed, and with only 32 episodes that are about 25 minuets each, it doesn’t consume time despite the excitement. The puppetry was revolutionary for the time, making it less expensive to continually give different stories and scenarios of an ongoing battle, not to mention that while it’s not perfect, the puppets themselves are fairly realistic.

Each episode differs in plots as well, always keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, with Spectrum having as many losses as victories.

Every point of action and adventure is hit, including murder, assassination, terrorism, explosions, and fear mongers, bringing chaos and horror to the human race.

Overall, the series is exquisite and exciting, with an ongoing story arc viewers are sure to latch on to, giving this a personal rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.