Car glass removed last minute


Natalie Larimer

Last year’s car arrived with the windows and windshield still in, similar to this year. Student Council, however, was not able to fix it this year because the auto shop who dropped the car off did not have the time

Anna Larson, Staff Writer

Thursday Sept. 26 afternoon the car for the car smash was in the sitting in the practice fields with glass still inside the all the windows. The car smash, scheduled for that night, required the glass to be out of all windows of the car. Luckily, Auto Tech teacher Mitch Eagles was able to fix the problem. “It was easy. Things are always easier when one uses the correct tools,” Eagle said. “We used a small particle colliding instrument for the side and rear windows, as they were tempered glass. Since the front windshield was laminated safety glass, we used a different tool, the curved extracting impact lever.” After Eagles fixed the problem the event went on as planned and was quite the success. This years car smash raised about $250 that will be donated at the Dig Pink/Spike Blue volleyball game Tuesday Oct. 8.