Cars of JHS

Cars of JHS

Corey Suckow

2004 Ford Crown Victoria ‘Vikki’

“So, I was in the parking lot of Johnston High School and it had just snowed and they were still plowing the parking lot, still working on it, and there was a spot that they hadn’t plowed… I come around the corner and I was like ‘y’know? I’m gonna whip it.’ So I gave it some gas coming around the corner and the next thing I know, the front of my car is up on the curb getting ready to go into the ditch. And so I finally got it stopped with my back tires the only thing holding it from going over the curb and it was stuck in a big snow bank.”


Davis Cope

2015 GMC Acadia Denali

“At this point, I only had my driver’s permit and a school permit… I’m breaking all the rules, I’m off my route, I have another person in the car. So, I’m on Merle Hay Road and I’m by Cactus Bobs… There was a dart bus right in front of me and there was this old lady with a walker trying to get on and I had this realization that I’m gonna be stuck behind this bus for a long time… So I try to get over and there’s this big truck coming down the road and I realized I needed to get back over and so I merged quickly back over and hit the bus. It must have been a boring day because they sent everybody to this accident. They sent ambulances, they sent fire trucks, they sent police cars, everybody.”


Tessa Barker

BMW 2002 325CI

“My dad is a huge fan of BMWs. He found a car on Facebook marketplace, and then he sent it to me, and I always wanted a really eye-catching car. And so when I saw it, and it was bright red, I was like, ‘oh, I really want that’. And so, when we went to the seller’s house to get it, we realized that it actually belonged to Melissa Officer from the office. So that was just kinda funny and it felt like a little small world moment.”


Edwardo Melero

2004 Porsche Boxster

“It was last year… I didn’t know how to drive manual, I just knew how to drive it enough to get from point A to point B, but I didn’t know how to race my car. So I tell my dad like, ‘yeah, my car is cool, but it’s not fast. I tried flooring it, but it didn’t really go fast’ And he was like, ‘what? No. It’s a Porsche, it’s supposed to go fast.’ So, There was this one time where we went to go get food and on the way home. He was the one driving and he was like, ‘all right, let me show you how to do it’ because what I was doing was I was driving with my RPMs low and then flooring it… so he downshifted from fifth gear to third gear and the RPMs shoot up all the way and then [the tires] Spinned a little bit, you know, made like, a loud noise and then we gunned it and we went from like 30 miles per hour to like 70 like that.”

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