Picture provided by Google for creative comments.

Picture provided by Google for creative comments.

No matter if you are a fan of music from other countries or not, you can’t deny that music is powerful all around the world.  Many won’t admit they are interested in other cultures out of fear of persecution. Even the smallest aspects of liking something foreign will get you endless harassment, but this song should be an exception. Rapmonster’s, and Wale’s song “Change” is the embodiment of hope for the future worldwide.

Rapmonster (Kim Namjoon) is a South Korean rapper from the popular group BTS, and Wale is an American rapper. Seeing these two collaborate was not only meaningful to the song, but also was great for vocal contrast. Both their rapping and singing was on point. Which really kept the song interesting.

I’ve gotten quite tired of songs about how the world is an awful place, and there is no chance of redeeming the human race. It is beyond pleasing to hear a song about how the world will get better. Especially in a rap song. The lyrics are all in English, and every word, was sending a great message. It is all about trying to move past the bad things in life, in order to reach a better future. A simple message, but a message we don’t hear enough. It can be hard to keep believing things can get better, and there will be times when you want give up on everything. The song definitely doesn’t ignore the problems we face and the problems we cause. All you can do is to take your time in life, and hope for the best. Which I think is a great way of handling this kind of optimism. The song manages to be hopeful, but still grounded in reality.

The instrumentals are also very unique with a mix of pop and blues. It has this weird way of being chill and hype at the same time. Which is a huge win on its own. Despite the fact that the line doesn’t move as much as I’d like it to, there are constantly new things added to the background to keep it exciting. It makes you feel like the music is being warped with each part of the song, but it’s fitting and not too distracting. I’m glad they didn’t go over the top with the instrumentals or the vocals. Everything blended nicely thanks to that, and didn’t feel forced or conceded.

My only real criticism is about the chorus. The fact that they repeat the line “world is gonna change” over and over is actually very cool, and fits the message perfectly. The issue is that I wish they used the prechorus more. They only use it once, and while there was definitely not a lack of content, hearing it again could’ve been even more memorable.

Honestly I had to try really hard to find something negative about song at all. A great performance, plus great instrumentals, plus a genuine message, equals an amazing song. A timeless formula that will always get you the right answer. I give this song a 4.4 out of 5 stars. I hope that people of all cultures will check out this song, because it’s songs like these that really do change the world.