Changes to Madrigal affect location

The location of the annual Madrigal musical/play has changed to the high school’s small gym instead of the Bridge Church, where it has been held for longer than either of the choir directors have been teaching at Johnston. Scheduling issues caused the location change.

Eric Shepard, the head vocal music teacher, thinks that the location change will not affect the performance.

“I think it’d be worse if we weren’t even doing it at all,” Shepard said.

Some of the choir student’s emotions were rustled by this location change.

“A lot of the choir were a little bit bummed (about the location change),” senior Samantha Long said. “But I still think it’ll run as smoothly as it had before in the past.”

Madrigal is a play and musical based off an English feast that takes place in a king’s castle. The main portion of the event will take place in the small gym, where the dinner and various plays/songs will commence. Then, after that finishes, the choirs will ask the audience to move into the auditorium for the concert portion of the event. The setting looks medieval with ancient decor scattered throughout the place and various props that relate to the theme such as swords and shields. The audience fits into the show by sitting at dinner tables scattered throughout the area that can seat eight people each.

Madrigal used to be thrown by women’s choir, concert choir and chamber choir. However, due to the enormous size of the choir program, the chamber choir was split into two, therefore, women’s choir will not be part of Madrigal. It will be thrown by both the chamber choirs and the concert choir.

Madrigal will be held Dec. 6 and 7.

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