Choir auditions promote hard work for young musicians

New changes for the choir department bring some extra stress for students, but will be necessary to manage all of the students wanting to sing at a higher level in auditioned choir’s and  show choir. In past seasons, there have been only four choirs to audition but with the rapid growth in the department, this will soon change.

In the 2013-2014 school year, there will be six groups to audition for consisting of Cantus, Cantemus, Women’s Chorale, Men’s Varsity Chorus, Concert Choir, and Duly Noted.

The upcoming year there is going to bring many more students to audition for a choir. There has also been talk among the students trying out that with all the new students joining, the competition will be heightened.

“I’ve heard a lot of things about the upcoming sophomore class, they’re supposed to be really good,” sophomore Zach Walker said. “I’m really excited to work with them because they have so much talent.”

Walker has been in show choir since seventh grade, and has enjoyed it since. This year Walker is auditioning for the choir that best fits his ability, and aspires to get in one of the two show choirs, which are Innovation and Synergy. Another sophomore, Stephanie Graham is also preparing for the auditions coming in April.

Graham is hoping to sing in one of the chamber choirs of Cantus or Cantemus, and also hoping to get in one of the show choirs, Synergy or Innovation. Graham performed in the solo contests on March 28, because in order to be considered for Cantus or Cantemus, the student must perform in the solo contest.

“The auditions are more stressful this year only because rumor has it the show choirs will be smaller,” Graham said. “Of course everyone is nervous, but making it harder to get in is definitely for the better because then you know the people who made it had to want it bad and work very hard to get there.”

The auditions will take place April 8-12.

Each student must complete the audition information form, get a print-out of the most recent report card, a recent picture, the completed health form and a copy of their insurance card, a completed volunteer card, and a contract signed for each group the student wishes to be accepted into.

Any more audition information is on Eric Shepard’s Moodle page.


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