Come up with a solution


Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

When it comes to complaints about are school, there’s an overabundance. Many complain about a lack of handprint walls, Capturing Kids Hearts, and how the promise of “the school being for us” was empty.

Students demand for change, wanting to “make this school our own,” but don’t provide ways that our administration will be able to cater to our desires in a practical and efficient way.

In the end, it’s just whining. If you want to solve a problem, a solution is key.

Simply talking about giving suggestions may not give results. I agree that for the example of hand walls, maybe the art department can start something, and it is up to the students, there needs to be actual ways that students are able to convince administration.

Nothing makes it harder to convince someone of something than complaints. By now I’m sure Mr. Woods has heard all sorts of things against the school, but he has also expressed that he wants what’s best for the students and the school.

While yes, there does appear to be a lot of room, we just moved into this building and administration is still figuring out how to adapt with everything involving the Geothermal setup.

I agree that something should exist to remember classes once they’ve left, we as a student body need solutions for a compromise to be reached.