Comedy queens fall off thrown in Sisters

    Comedy queens fall off thrown in “Sisters”

    I might be biased here since I’ve been fans of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler since “30 Rock” and “Parks and Rec,” but seeing them is always a good time. Together, they create this dynamic duo of girl power through vulgarity, nonsense, comedy and that is what their movie “Sisters” is all about.

    When sisters Kate (Fey) and Mauras’ (Poehler) parents decide to sell their home in Orlando, Florida and move into a smaller condominium, the sisters are left to collect their old things and move them out before the new buyers from New York move in. In an act of defiance by the crazy partygoer Kate and the recently divorced, lonely, Maura, the two decide to throw one last party to relive their teenage years, which were roughly three decades before.

    I held Fey and Poehler up to higher expectations just because I know they’re comedy queens, up there with Betty White and Melissa McCarthy, and in all honesty, the movie left me feeling confused.

    Yes, it was funny. But a majority of it was potty humor, relying on the mention of rather adult-suit material (hence the R rating) to make viewers laugh. It wasn’t like Fey and Poehler’s other roles where humor was actually well-time, well-intended jokes. If readers have seen “30 Rock” or “Parks and Rec,” I think they will agree with me.

    A few months ago, when the trailers for this movie first began spreading, I thought it looked hilarious, especially when Maura fell through the floor and her legs dangled in the main living room. But upon sitting in the theater and watching, my excitement turned to “meh.”

    “Sisters” was definitely a funny movie considering its cast, and the fact that director of Pitch Perfect Jason Moore directed this, but it relied more on vulgarity to make us laugh rather than actual humor. For that reason, I don’t really expect to be dying to see this movie again any time soon.

    Rating: 6.5/10

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