Counselor leaves for Ankeny

Audrey Bell has been a counselor for special cases, after eight years of being employed at Johnston.

Now, she will be switching over to Ankeny to advise their students.

“Personally, it will be really hard to leave,” Bell said. “I’ve become just as attached to the students as they have to me.”

Bell based the decision on both professional and personal points.

“Personally, it just seemed like the right fit to be that much closer to North Polk and all my kids’ activities,” Bell said. “I’m excited about it but I’ll definitely miss the kids that I have gotten close to in the last five years.”

The job position is now open as the district looks for another counselor.

“I trust that they’ll hire someone who is awesome and will also be able to create a good connection with the kids that I work with,” Bell said.

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