Culinary 3 has successful first weeks


Esmeralda Flores

Senior Lizzy Salmon serves lasagna to senior Lizzy Orr as part of her Culinary 3 assignment. The Culinary 3 class provided lasagna, tiramisu and chocolate cake as a lunch option April 8.

After revealing their new menu option available during the three lunch periods, Culinary 3 classes came close to selling their goal of 300 servings. In order to learn how to serve a mass and unspecified amount of people, Culinary 3 classes will be serving good every Friday till the end of the year. To divide up the work for the rest of the year groups are on rotation and must plan and produce an entire menu.

The group for the week must find a recipe that adheres to the guidelines in the Healthy Kid Act. Groups plan in advance and must get their recipes, menu and grocery lists approved by culinary teacher Jennifer Smith. “Since we’re cooking for the cafeteria this time, we had to be careful of the regulations,”Smith said. “Our nutritionist, LaRae Doll came in and talked to us and went over the guidelines. Once they had everything planned out we put it into a calculator provided by the USDA. We had to have things under a certain percentage, so we had to change some things and really learned how to manipulate the recipes.”

The first menu consisted of lasagna, breadsticks, tiramisu and chocolate cake. So far the feedback has been positive from students. Junior Brooke Wilmes was one of the group members in charge of the menu for the week of April 8. “The good thing was the amount of people that came and got our food,” Wilmes said. “Everything for the most part went well.” Senior Abbie Rogers went in hesitant but was overall pleasantly surprised at the end product. “I liked the high quality ingredients along with the nice pairing of milk,” she said.

The experience was enjoyable not only for student body but for the kitchen managers that week. “This experience was so different for me, I have never done anything like this before and it was great to do something different,” Wilmes said. The week of April 14, the menu was met with more mixed reactions, but through trial and error the classes hope to continue providing food for the student body.