Dragon Basketball Recap

Dragon Basketball Recap

01/02-01/07 Basketball Week, SEP/Indianola

#1 Dragons Secure a 74-46 Win Over #11 SouthEast Polk

The Dragons Girls secured a 74-46 win over the #11-ranked SouthEast Polk in a Tuesday night clash at Johnston High School. #11 Ranked SouthEast Polk made a trip to Johnston High School. Looking for their 4th straight win, the Rams came into this Class 5A tilt, coming off a 78-42 win over #3 Ranked Martensdale-St Marys in Class 1A, while Johnston took a 72-54 win over #4 Ranked Waukee in Class 5A. Junior Amani Jenkins and freshman Ari Phillips put up a total of 40 points combined; Jenkins put up 23 while Ari put up 17.


Dragon Boys Get Back To .500 With A 71-60 Win Over Southeast Polk

The Dragons Boys prevailed, a 71-60 Win Over Southeast Polk In a Tuesday Night Clash At Johnston High School To Get Back to.500 Basketball. Southeast Polk came to Johnston High School looking for their fourth win of the season. Johnston was looking to get back to.500 basketball following a heartbreaking loss to Waukee in a 53-49 loss in overtime. All of Johnston’s starting five put up double-digit points junior Prestige Taylor, senior Trovary Cavil, junior Jalen Richardson, sophomore Tino Daye, and senior Dalen Huston scored a combined total of 62 points.

Taylor: 13 points; Cavil and Daye: 12 points; Richardson: 11 points; and Huston: 14 points.


#1 Dragon Girls Seal a 73-35 Win Over Indianola

The Dragons girls sealed a 73-35 win over the Indianola Indians in a Saturday afternoon battle at Johnston High School. Indianola Made A Trip To Johnston High School, Looking To Snap a 5-Game Losing Streak. Following losses from #8 Ankeny 81-35, #3 North Polk 80-33, #7 Norwalk 58-50, #12 Carlisle 61-50, and finally #1 Dallas Center Grimes 63-50, Johnston, on the other hand, was looking to continue their undefeated season alive following wins over and had some statement wins over CIML Conference opponents #2 Valley 67-50, #4 Waukee 72-54, and finally a 74-46 win over #11 ranked Southeast Polk. Sophomore Jaliyah Kinnetz, Senior Aili Tanke, and Junior Amani Jenkins put up a total of 47 combined points. Kinnetz and Tanke both put up 17 points, and Jenkins 13 points. We can’t forget that Tanke put up a three-point field of 5/8.


Dragons Boys Triumph Indianola 83-36

The Dragons Boys defeated the Indianola Indians 83-36 in a Saturday afternoon showdown at Johnston High School. Indianola came into Johnston High School looking to snag their first win of the season following notable losses from Oskaloosa (63-55), Norwalk (75-48), and Dallas Center Grimes (65-51). Johnston was looking to secure their second win in a row following a 71-60 win over Southeast Polk. Senior Trovary Cavil, Junior Jalen Richardson, and Sophomore Tino Daye put up a combined total of 51 points; Cavil put up 31; and Richardson and Daye put up 10 points.


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