Entrepreneurs of JHS- 2/1800

Entrepreneurs of JHS- 2/1800

High school is meant to prepare students for their future careers in “the real world”. However, some students have gotten a head start on their future careers. While it is not considered a conventional path , Maraya Wiltfang ‘25 and Rohan Patel ‘26 are excited to pursue music.

Wiltfang Sings under the name Maraya Nicole, and her music can be found anywhere music can be streamed. She’s loved singing ever since she was a kid, which was sparked by listening to music often. But her biggest inspiration came from her family at home.

“My dad always played guitar, so that is what inspired me to start playing music and also singing,” said Wiltfang ‘25.

Wiltfang’s current idol in music is singer-songwriter Noah Kahan, “I really love his style, and his originality is cool”, Wiltfang ‘25 explained. She has eleven songs currently released; her most recent song released is named Something Good, and her favorite song is called Extra.

“I guess [Extra is] just about feeling like a background character in your life. Like even though you know you’re the center of it, you just kind of get this feeling like the world just revolves around other people, not you,” explained Wiltfang ‘25.

In her journey to become an artist, Wiltfang has learned the importance of authenticity when producing music.

“Always stay true to yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or what anyone is gonna think you’re doing. Just do what makes you happy and do what your heart is telling you.”

Wiltfang hopes to someday make a career within the music industry. With an eleven-song headstart, she’s heading in the right direction. As a junior in high school, she has a plan for how she will achieve this dream.

“I wanna go to school for music industry, and learn more about how to be an artist, how to promote myself as an artist, and hopefully get to do that someday, ” Wiltfang explained.

Patel raps recreationally under the name hanny2x, and his music can be found on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. His interest in becoming an artist began with his brother’s music.

“…My brother, he started making [music] before me, and I just wanted to do it too…My brother kind of guided me and like how to start and stuff, because like I didn’t really know what to do.” Patel ‘26 stated.

Patel currently has seven songs released, his most recent being Yall All Fans (Gomd) [feat. lilkashii], and his personal favorite, On A Roll. He releases music recreationally and is not particularly looking for a future career in music.

“I don’t really take it that serious, but we’ll see where it takes me,” Said Patel ‘26.

In his experience with producing music, Patel has learned and grown as an artist. He urges anyone who wants to pursue a career in music to “do what genre you like and whatever you feel you’re best in”, Patel ‘26. 

These artists are working their way up to the top and only time will tell where it will take them. Listen to Maraya Nicole and hanny2x anywhere music can be streamed.

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