Fire alarm glitch forces students into cold

During fourth period, Dec. 14, the school was interrupted by the familiar sound of the fire alarm blaring throughout the hallways. Teachers filed students out their proper exits outside with their green emergency folders, sporting the orange safety vests too. The alarm was caused by simple glitch in the system, not by flames nor smoke.

Many students were forced to exit the building without coats, since a majority of the student body does not carry a winter coat around with them, leaving classes to huddle in groups to stay warm. One class, Innovation, might have had it the worst. Wearing their performance dresses,  the girls rushed outside without jackets or even shoes on to avoid the “fire”. Some were lucky enough to find a car to hop into to stay warm, while others relied on the body heat of their friends to fight off the harsh winds. “It was definitely an experience,” senior Anne Wallace, a member of Innovation, said.