First informational iPad session held

First informational iPad session held

Seniors and their parents gathered into the gym Jan. 7 for the first iPad information session to learn about the new iPads they were about to receive. Administrators spoke on key things to know about the 1:1 Initiative.

Among them was Bryan Burkhardt, the director of Electronic Crime Institute at DMACC. Burkhardt instructed students and parents on the risks and dangers there are in the technology world. They were informed on things like bullying, sexting and privacy controls.

Before receiving the iPads, students and parents were required to sign two documents stating they had read and agreed on the terms and conditions of receiving the iPads. Students then went to their advisory classrooms to receive their new iPads and parents went to the auditorium to have a few more of their questions answered.

In the advisory rooms iPads were handed out from a big cardboard box that contained their iPad and a charger. The iPads were charged and ready once received. Students then watched a slide show and videos on how to get their new device working.

While all iPads have a required identical cover, every student had the opportunity to choose or trade for their desired color of stylus.

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