Follow up with former student’s new abilities


Aaron Anderson

Former student Mason Rumpf uses his newly purchased chair to ride over the curb. Rumpf raised $15000 in order to purchase the chair.

Back in Sept. graduated Johnston student Mason Rumpf reached his goal to purchase an Action TrackChair which he raised $15,000 for through website GoFundme. This wheelchair allows him to mow lawns, shovel snow and help work at pumpkin patches. “I love the chair,” Rumpf said. “I can go to a lot more places now.”

His most recent work season was shoveling snow last winter. “[Last season] was awesome,” Rumpf said. “I love helping people out.”

Patti Anderson, Rumpfs mom, has supported him through it all. “First we had to get the chair adapted for him and got the joystick moved towards the middle so it would be easier to drive,” Anderson said. “Once we got it adapted I would come home after the snow had fallen and the whole driveway would be cleared.”

Not only does he help his family, Rumpf works hard to help his neighbors and anyone around him, without a standard pay rate. “He would shovel the sidewalks and go up and down the neighborhood which he loved to do,” Anderson said. “After shoveling neighbors driveways they would often run out with 20 dollars and put it in his pocket.”

Mason lives in a forested area and the chair allows him to ride over sticks, in the mud, water and sand. “He loves to get in the chair everyday and get it muddy,” Anderson said. “[The chair] gives him more independence and a freedom to go anywhere he wants.”