Hennes creates DAGVRAI

On Feb. 4, the Dragons Annual Great Virtual Run/Walk Across Iowa began. This program is encouraging people in the Johnston Community to be active. Cross country coach Patrick Hennes came up with this program.

DAGVRAI will take you approximately 344 miles across Iowa. This is mapped from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River. Participants will log how many miles they have run or walked, so they will not really be going across the state.

“To give people a sense of accomplishment, if they run or walk that far, the way of keeping themselves motivated, and having checkpoints along the way, there will be little incentives,” Hennes said.

These incentives could be things like socks, gloves, or hats.

This program will build a sense of community. Hennes is also hoping to meet as a community once a week and run as a community so people can add to their DAGVRAI log.
“It’s a time of year where it’s kind of tough for people to be motivated to get in shape. So I was hoping this could give people an opportunity to do that,” Hennes said.

You can sign up through Johnston Community Ed.

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