How cheerleaders choose superfans


Senad Besic, Staff Writer

Every football game, home or away, the cheerleaders choose a fan from the student section that they believe is showing enough pep to be labeled as a superfan.

The cape idea was thought up and created by cheerleader captains, Cassidy Dean and Ally Shoeman, both seniors. The cape is purple, has a superman symbol on it with a bedazzled ‘J’ instead of a ‘S’ and is a little shorter than the length of the average person.

“We look to see who is putting in a good effort to get the crowed pumped up and loud,” Dean said. “We also look at how they’re dressed and all around how spirited they are.”

These superfans get handed the cape by the cheerleaders after the first quarter. The superfans are allowed to wear the cape until the end of the football game, then they have to hand it back to the cheerleaders.

The only people that have won the cape so far are seniors, Addy Evans, Bella North and Drew Grill.

“I was shocked and surprised when they said I won the cape,” senior Addy Evans said.