Innovation innovates their show

The varsity show choir, Innovation, placed second overall in the Cedar Rapids Jefferson invitational March 9.

After every performance, all choirs receive feedback from a critic. These critics suggest new things they can add to improve their show and they point out flaws that need patching up.

Throughout the show choir season Innovation has improved their show thanks to these critics. By adding new dance moves, changes in their singing and various props like nerdy glasses and hand held flashlights Innovation was able to trump the competition over the weekend.

Although, Innovation is not the only choir at Johnston that has improved their show throughout the season. Synergy, the JV choir, has changed various things in their show, like tempo and volume. Their outstanding vocals and energy allowed them to score first place in the JV division over the weekend at Cedar Rapids.

As the show choir season comes to an end, both of the choirs ended on a high note.

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