Iowa Assessments cut back

In the past, students have been forced to take nine or even 10 tests over multiple days to see how they grow academically from year to year. However, Jan. 26 students will only take Iowa Assessments in one day instead of two or three. Even in previous years, students were only required by law to take the math, reading and science tests.

Principal Ryan Woods along with the rest of the district believed it would make more sense to cut a few tests, such as written expression and vocabulary, and give the students more time with regular scheduled school. “We are really looking to value the students and teachers time and take less time out of class,” Woods said. “Tuesday morning may be a little hectic but by 10:30, students will already be back on their schedules.”
This may be the last year of Iowa Assessments, but in its place the state would create a statewide common assessment that could give the more meaningful data.