Jazz band swings into the winter season

Junior Samantha Long and senior Leanna McAllister perform during Jazz Syndicate’s set. While Long plays the alto sax normally in concert band, she takes up a tenor sax for jazz band.

Austin Busch

The high school jazz program has been off to a strong start this year. The program’s increasing numbers lead the directors to add another band to the program, resulting in a total of four bands of 9th-12th grade students. With almost 100 students involved in the program, it is easily the largest in Central Iowa. After a winter concert with the 8th grade jazz ensemble on Dec. 12 at the JMS auditorium, all high school bands competed at the SCIBA Jazz Festival at Waukee High School. There, Jazz Syndicate placed fourth among 4A bands.






Jazz Syndicate performs “This Space for Rent” at the SCIBA Jazz Festival at Waukee High School.