JCSD Secondary Grading

Noah Gilbert, Staff Writer

The Johnston Community School District released their plan on secondary grading for the spring semester. 

Students will automatically receive “p” or “pass” if they have a letter grade of D or higher, if students have a non passing grade (a letter grade of F), a grade of “NM” or “no mark.”  If students so wish, they can choose to receive a letter grade, to receive a letter grade you must contact each individual teacher, individual teachers may send emails explaining their own plan for going about giving individual grades. This is not a one option works for all plan, some students may benefit from receiving a Pass/no mark  grade while others will benefit from a letter grade. Note that you can choose to receive a “P” or “NM” in one class and a letter grade in another. The deadline to submit a request for a letter grade is 22 may, 2020. Click here to see the district’s report