Johnston: grinding no more

Johnston: grinding no more

Grinding will no longer be allowed at school dances starting with prom May 4. Only face-to-face dancing will be allowed. In the past, this has only been a suggestion.

Junior Calvin Kimrey described grinding as “Two people facing the same direction rubbing up against each other.”

Brent Riessen, high school principal, came in and discussed the topic with members of the student council at their weekly lunch meeting.

“Our goal would be for everyone who goes to the dance to have a good time,” Riessen said. “We want people to feel comfortable, and we need to follow school rules as this is a school function.”

The student council discussed ways to help publicize the rule change. They came up with many ideas that range from having the rules posted during the dance, having a large poster of the rule at the accounting office and having a rap about it on Dragon TV.


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