Karl Rasmussen wins Iowa Bankers Association Award


Esmeralda Flores

Senior Karl Rasmussen stands towards the sideline while looking out to the crowd. Rasmussen recently was awarded the Iowa Bankers Association student athlete award.

Senior Karl Rasmussen recently was awarded the Iowa Bankers Association student athlete award. This award is annually given to one athlete in each division of sports who displays excellence not only on the field, but in the classroom and the community.

To be a recipient, each team that makes it to the quarterfinals of the football playoffs nominates one player that they believe meets the criteria associated with this award. “In visiting with the football coaches, I nominated Karl for this award as we believed he was an outstanding candidate for this award,” Athletic Director Gary Ross said.

Since this is the first year Johnston made quarterfinals since the award was presented, it is the first year of eligibility of the award. Consequently, Rasmussen the first ever Johnston student to win this award.

Ross received a letter from the Iowa Bankers Association notifying him that Rasmussen had won the award.  “I do try to work hard on and off the field as well as in the community,” Rasmussen said. “I’m sure there were many deserving people of the award, and I am just fortunate enough that they chose me.”