In honor of classic singer David Bowie’s passing yesterday, I’m dedicating this “Song of the Day” specifically to his new album, “Blackstar”. The album was released Jan. 8, two days before his death from cancer.

Ever since he started performing under the persona Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie has thrust himself into the spotlight and not even his death kept him from leaving it.

It was confirmed by the producer of Bowie’s final album that it was planned to be heard after his death, especially his song “Lazarus”. The song, like several songs before it in previous albums, has a mix of rock, pop and jazz sounds in its duration. It has an eeriness to it too, but it makes because of what the song is about.

The first line of the song “Look up here, I’m in heaven,” puts salt in the wound of Bowie fans around the world. Despite of something his family wants to keep private, Bowie himself made his death a work of art, not an unusual thing for Bowie to do. His whole life, his performances were an art form in themselves.

More about the song. The instrumental is a bit eerie like previously said, but there’s also an odd peace to it. The lyrics can be rather abstract at times, but that’s common with a lot of songs. With the lyrics “You know that I’ll be free, Just like that bluebird,” it’s pretty clear Bowie is singing of the acceptance of his death, and that the peace of nothingness is more appealing than living through the suffering of his cancer. Overall, I give “Lazarus” five out of five (black) stars.

Lazarus is Bowie’s goodbye to the world, and while fans around the world mourn the loss, Bowie’s final album is there to comfort them.



Artist: David Bowie

Album: Blackstar