Middle school starts dress up days Wednesday

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is all about the dress up days, the big game, and the dance. Unfortunately for the middle school, they couldn’t participate until Wednesday because of MAP testing.

“Our student council was very supportive of making sure our testing environment for two days was free of unnecessary distractions,” principal Laura Kacer said.

However, some students disagree and think that dressing up wouldn’t be a distraction. “We should be able to wear whatever we want,” freshman Tiffany Tucker said. “I felt really disappointed and frustrated that she didn’t let us dress up until (Wednesday).”

Students at the middle school also feel that not dressing up until the middle of the week took the fun out of homecoming week. “I feel like we didn’t get to have as much ‘freedom’ as the rest of the high schoolers,” freshman Kali Tuon said. “We have three dress up days, which aren’t that fun when you start randomly having dress up days in the middle of the week.”

Some students felt as if dressing up for only three days was a waste of time. “If we couldn’t dress up all week, there was no point of dressing up for three days,” freshman Lejla Hasakovic said. “I think that some things like pj day or wacky day are a distraction, everyone is too busy trying to look crazy, but not the other days like spirit day and wear your favorite team.”

Students at the middle school started their dress up days on Wednesday with twin day, Thursday as favorite team day, and Friday as spirit day.