Mishap with the smoke detector


Ashley Long

A group of students start walking back into the building after being signaled by associate principal Jerry Stratton that it was safe to head back in. The fire alarm went off Nov. 23 right before first period at 7:44 a.m. due to a defective smoke detector.

Before first period could even begin students and staff made their way outside to the sound of the fire alarm that went off around 7:44 a.m. Many have assumed that it was either burning popcorn like last year, or that someone might have felt rebellious and decided pulled the fire alarm. In reality it was just an inconvenience with the smoke detector that is right outside of english teacher Ed Walker’s classroom.

Custodian Jay Nikolish went around all the entrance doors to ensure that the doors were locked since they were not able to automatically lock due to the timing of the alarm. Nikolish had the information behind what actually happened. “It was just dust and dirty air that gets stuck in the sensors of the smoke detector and it will set them off,” Nikolish said. Then after that all that Nikolish has left to do is  take the bottom of the sensor off and use compressed air to reset the detector. “I’ve been here for nine years now and it was my first year when one student pulled the fire alarm, thankfully it has never been a real fire just a false trip,” Nikolish said.