National Guard leads P.E. classes


Ellen Bennett

Senior Joe Hawks prepares to embrace a kick from a student during the self-defense class on March 14. The class also included activities such as punching, swing kicks, and knee punching.

Ellen Bennett, Staff Writer

Students in P.E. had the option to learn self-defense or team-building skills the week before spring break.

Instructor Pete Peterson from RoundKick Gym taught self-defense. The first class became mostly aimed towards females for sexual assault prevention due to the large number of girls in the class. The second class focused on general self-defense where students did a lot of punching and kicking mats.

Students also had the choice of combat dodgeball on the first days of the classes. This version of dodgeball was played as a mix between dodgeball and capture the flag. Another twist also came when students were eliminated. When eliminated, students had to do push-ups. Games were aimed towards the idea of working together and team building.

“The students seem to really enjoy the activities and the word spreads around the school fast,” SFC Dale Boicourt said.

After the activities, the representatives educated the students about the National Guard and its tuition assistance for state colleges.

“The federal tuition assistance has currently been suspended, but state still provides 100%,” Boicourt said.

Students were welcome to talk to a representative about joining the guard if interested and the tuition assistance program.