New gaming regulations initiated

School officials asked students not to play shooting games or games suggesting violence at  school. The discretion of what is acceptable is left up to each individual teacher.

An e-mail through Infinite Campus sent out to all the students and parents Feb. 5 explained the game policies when at school in light of the recent distribution of iPads to all students.

Brent Riessen, high school principal, sat down with the 1:1 initiative group and together they made this decision.

“It’s probably not the best thing to play at school; reason being with all of the school violence going on,” Riessen said.

iPads activity is not monitored when students are at home.

“Who knows what they are playing at home,” Riessen said. “It’s not the root of all evil, we just ask not to play it here.” No specific games are banned and most likely never will be.



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