New light on 70th and 100th

Courtney Mithelman, Staff Writer

A new traffic light will be placed on 70th Avenue and 100th Street in Johnston. This is mainly because the area around the intersection has been growing over the years.

“With a speed limit of 45 miles per hour, and increased traffic on both 70th and 100th, it has become an intersection that has raised some concern,” Dave Cubit, Public Works Director for the City of Johnston said.

A traffic study was done and the council decided that this particular intersection raised enough concern that this light was needed.

“When a vehicle comes up to the intersection from the north or south, it will trigger the signals to go through their cycle and it will cause the red light to come up on 70th, and we will have a green light for safe movement for the people coming from the north or south,” Cubit said.

The lights will stay green on 70th unless a car pulls up to the intersection from 100th.

The temporary light should be operational Nov. 13. Because it is temporary, the council is still deciding on which type of intersection control will be used in the future. This could be a roundabout or permanent traffic signal or anything else that will control that specific intersection.