Office flip flop

Office flip flop

The front and attendance offices swapped locations Feb. 19.

“We are basically flip flopping secretaries,” principal Brent Riessen said.

The reason for the switch was to have two secretaries from the attendance office in the front of the school instead of just the one from the administrative office. “It never made sense to me that the attendance office was in the back,” Riessen said. “The attendance office ought to be up front.”

In Riessen’s opinion, parents will benefit by having the attendance office right up in the front of the school. Now, they do not have to search for it.

“Parents can drop stuff off right in the front of the school instead of being directed to the back,” the principal’s secretary Lois Faley said.

Sophomore Sarah Kromminga ┬álikes the change. “It’s more convenient for people coming into the school,” Kromminga said.

The only possible down side people are seeing to the offices changing is that students might get confused at first. However, that is not a major issue. “It will just be a matter of knowing where to go,” Riessen said.

The offices’ looks might also change. In the new administrative office the wall with the bulletin board could be replaced with pictures of the staff.

There could be another change with the things to put on the walls. “We are still looking for things to put on the wall,” Faley said. “(Work Experience Coordinator, Heath) Pattschull talked about displaying some of his kids’ art.”

So far there have been no issues with the switch in offices. “It’s wonderful,” Faley said. “The (students) have made the transition well.”


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