“Perfect Fan” put back into show

The song “Perfect Fan” by the Backsteet Boys has been a favorite part of the show choir season for many upperclassmen.

The song has been a part of the spring show starting in 2008 by former director Sarah Van Waardhuizen.

“It is our favorite part of the year,” senior and show choir member Joscey Miner said.

On March 1, the head of the vocal music department, Eric Shepard, decided to remove the song from the show, it brought out some strong feelings among the choir.

Miner suggests the removal was due to the fact that the song references God in one line.

“You always have to be careful with music because many songs do mention God,” Miner said.

The removal of the song was not stopping the seniors from performing it though.

“We would all have been on the stage and were planning on coming out and singing it,” Miner said.

As singers returned to school on Monday, March 4, Shepard shared that he decided to put the song back into the show and the choir began rehearsing it.

When asked about the song controversy, Shepard and associate choral director Samantha Robilliard declined to comment.

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